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Legislation & Representation

You Can Make a Difference!

As many of my clients know, I have very strong opinions that each person in a representative democracy such as ours DOES make a difference. You can learn, you can become involved, your letters and your votes DO make a difference.

Here is the Official California Legislative Information site. Here you can learn about California laws in progress. Find a bill that interests you and get involved! You can make a difference!

Official California Legislative Information

I have repeatedly told my clients that I can not change the laws in the state of California by myself. As an attorney, I am bound by the laws that the legislature passes.

The members of the California Senate and the California Assembly need to hear from the people who they represent if they are to pass fair legislation. The legislation passed last year was not fair and not just. It is extremely biased in favor of insurance companies that have given so much to Governor Schwarzenegger’s political campaign treasury.

If you do not know the name and address of the people who are representing you in California, you certainly should. Because you do make a difference, you need to call or write your state representatives and tell them what you think about the new changes in the workers compensation laws.

Here is a link that will help you find your state representatives. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/

Your Legislature

Please participate. You can make a difference!

Many of my clients are now learning that who represents them is actually important and who is in power in the legislature directly affects them. To the extent that the people who are elected to political office vote on laws that affect their lives, people really should do more to learn about and talk to the people who represent them.

Voters Injured at Work

Voters Injured at Work is a group of injured workers who have joined together to pool resources to keep track of the complicated process of making laws involving workers compensation in the state of California.

I urge all of my clients to go to this website and join this very important group.

Remember:  If someone can keep you from voting, their vote counts twice!

So the next time you see a commercial or a newspaper article, or hear an ad or someone talking on the radio, do not get so disgusted that you stop voting. That is what they want you to do! They do not want you to vote so that their vote counts Twice or Three times, or Four times! If you are disgusted about what is going on, then get involved.

You can make a difference!