Michael Richter Law | Arbitration & Mediation
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Arbitration & Mediation

Michael Richter is available to mediate or arbitrate your disputes for a reasonable fee.

Mr. Richter has been an attorney in Santa Clara County since December 3, 1982. During this time he has worked as an attorney for the defense and plaintiff’s side, working for both insurance companies and injured people. His range of experience has given him a good understanding of the many perspectives involved in every dispute.

Mr. Richter has successfully mediated and arbitrated disputes involving real estate, environmental, contract and business law. He also mediates business transactions, neighbor/neighbor, contractor/homeowner, construction, employer/employee and employee/employee disputes.

Sometimes disputes between key employees who must communicate and work together, but who for personal reasons have found this difficult, can impede the flow of business. Mr. Richter’s mediation skills can help interested parties find common ground and create for themselves communication guidelines for smoothing future interactions. This gets communication and therefore business flowing again.

He attended the Santa Clara County Office of Human Relations Dispute Resolution Program Services 40 hour mediation course in November of 1997.

Mr. Richter provides quality mediation and arbitration services to litigants and non-litigants who wish to settle their differences avoiding the cost and uncertainty of litigation. His fee of $300.00 per hour puts his services in the range of reasonableness for the smaller cases as well as presenting a good deal for the higher end disputes.

Mr. Richter also mediates disputes between potential litigants that have not yet gotten to the point of actually filing a lawsuit. Often people allow imprecise or incorrect perceptions and resultant hard feelings to get in the way of doing what’s best for themselves. Mr. Richter provides the atmosphere and insights that help people find ways to resolve their differences in a mutually acceptable manner without need for filing a lawsuit. He has seen that by working together in good faith, disputants can often find creative alternatives that protect each position, allow all sides their dignity, and respect all perceptions. Finding and delineating these creative alternatives can allow all sides to get to “Yes”.

Please call our office if you have any questions about the mediative or arbitration processes or our services in this regard.